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Trivima Basic

A user-friendly, dual extruder bioprinter, designed for researchers, making it perfect for embarking on your bioprinting research journey with ease

Trivima Advanced

Elevate your bioprinting capabilities with state-of-the-art features and precision, enabling meaningful progress in research and scientific exploration

Trivima Pro

Designed to excel in meeting the most challenging bioprinting needs, Trivima Pro has been engineered for highest precision and adaptability

Applications of Bioprinting

How Bioprinting is Reshaping Medicine, Research, and More

Tailored Healthcare Through Precision Bioprinting

Delve into the era of personalized healthcare with advanced 3D bioprinting. Use cell-optimized biofabrication to redefine the healthcare horizon.

Leading the Charge in Regenerative Medicine

Integrate multifaceted materials and cellular designs to replicate life's essence. Explore the depths of human and animal biology, marking a new chapter in regenerative medicine.

Tissue Engineering: Building Life, Layer by Layer

Master the art of sculpting tissues with innovative engineering approaches. Push the boundaries of medical science by reconstructing natural tissue designs, igniting a new wave of medical innovation.

The Evolution of Nutrition with Bioprinting

Step into a new dietary age powered by bioprinting. Pave the way for environmentally friendly, cell-cultured, and synthetic food alternatives, setting a benchmark for modern nutrition.

Biofabrication: The New Frontier in Drug Discovery

Amplify the drug research process with the unparalleled speed and precision of biofabrication. Create true-to-life models that catalyze breakthroughs in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Next Big Innovation Labs is the perfect starting point for your journey towards becoming a pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine and biofabrication! 


A comprehensive program designed to provide learners with a strong foundation in the principles and practical applications of this groundbreaking technology.


Delivered by leading experts in the field, the course offers an immersive learning experience that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical sessions.


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Our Trivima 3D Bioprinters are at the forefront of transforming medical possibilities, redefining the boundaries of personalized healthcare.

The Trivima Bioprinter has proven to be a game-changer for us. From single to dual extruders, it excels in customized bioprinting. Its versatility allows us to optimize parameters for efficient results, making it highly valuable for applications from tissue engineering to tumor modeling.
Dr. Falguni Pati
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH)
Our experience with the TRIVIMA Advanced bioprinter by Next Big Innovation Labs has been enriching. We've successfully employed its capabilities in tissue engineering, printing custom biomaterial inks, and exploring microfluidic devices. The NBIL team's assistance in customizations has been invaluable.
Dr. Bhisham Singh
Manipal School of Life Sciences (MSLS)
In our two years with the Trivima 3D bioprinter, it has proven user-friendly and integral to our research. The NBIL team's consistent support, from technical specifications to troubleshooting, has been commendable. I strongly recommend Trivima for researchers interested in 3D bioprinting.
Dr. Janani Radhakrishnan
National Institute of Animal Biotechnology (NIAB)
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