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| A Brief About Us |

A Deep Tech Bioprinting Company focussed on developing breakthrough products and services utilising our in-built patented Bioprinting Technology. We not only build intricate and customised bioprinters for research but also utilise our technology to develop tissues for research, product development and clinical applications. Working collaboratively with companies and research institutes across the world, our goal is to one day make organ transplant waitlists a thing of the past.

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| Products & Services |

Trivima Bioprinters

Customised Bioprinters fine tuned for research across domains – clinical, cosmetic, biomaterials, marine biology, cancer biology, clean meat & more

Next Big Learning

A module based online learning platform that takes you from the basics of bioprinting to the complexities & challenges  in the domain

Next Big Consulting

We all need help at some point. In our quest to build a truly global bioprinting community, we not only provide our customised machines but also consult on three levels : pure technical consulting, biomaterial consulting and end-to-end bioprinting consulting. Write in to us to know more about how we can work with you to make your bioprinting successful!